A review of Greg Montoya Creating Wealth from Home SystemCreating Real Wealth from Home sales funnel supporting green technology through Vollara and earning a guaranteed minimum income.

Over 7 million of this life changing technology sold,

Have you ever found it hard to get online leads.  Getting qualified leads who are really interested in your product is like getting gold. My Real Wealth System fronted by Greg Montoya from Creating Wealth from Home shows you how to become a marketing expert in your own home based Vollara business with no previous experience necessary.

 When you sign up for a MLM company do you really know what you are letting yourself in for. After all you have probably done a fair bit of research, maybe even tried out a few companies such as Amway,  Noni, or Herbalife to name a few of the most successful companies , but you have found it hard to progress up the ranks, or you have found yourself spending more money than you are making.  It can get a bit depressing. 

Enter   Vollara   launched Feb 2010.  The old Ecoquest company was purchased by Aerus Holdings and since Joe Urso has been incharge it has been a case of out with the old and in with the new. That is new products, new branding, new compensation plan, guaranteed minimum income, new incentives and bonus payments, car bonus available to lower levels. The list goes on.  If you want to find out more about   Vollara, just a click away .

Back to business.  Getting the most out of your Vollara company means you need to get leads.  Your warm market can only extend so far and you are left talking to strangers at the post office. Don’t get me wrong, This AB approach is very successful once you have mastered the small talk. But for some of us could it be better to just go ahead and market our Vollara company online using a professional sales funnel and have orders automatically in our inbox.  CaChing.   The real wealth system used by My Real Wealth Systemhas simplified and automated online leads.  In fact I have not seen anything similar which has me this excited in quite a while.  I know Vollara works.  It has a great product line which solves so many problems for people with allergies, husbands who snore, and just generally their products make you feel better.  BUT and there is a big one, getting qualified leads to my website has always been a problem for me.   My internet skills allowed me to send email and shop on ebay.  No longer do I have to worry about that.  Greg Montoya is the face of My Real Wealth Systemteam.  This team has put together a multi page sales funnel with auto responders and a back office that an internet dummy can navigate.    The auto responders allow you to be completely hands free until the lead has gone all the way through the system and quite often has purchased a product.  There are stats available in the back office to see exactly how many leads you have and where they are coming from.  There is also support writing classified adds for posting to places like craigslist and print media.  Naturally enough there are codes for banner adds, (who has the time to figure out all this stuff anyway)  The back office training has to be seen to be believed.  This is some of the highest quality training I have ever seen and believe me. I have studied a lot about SEO and online marketing.   The secret which makes both Vollara and My Real Wealth Systemabove all other MLM companies is the guaranteed minimum income.  There is no other company offering this kind of payment to it independent business owner.  Joe Urso has raised the bar and creating wealth from home has thrown down the gauntlet.

This is the kind of online marketing you hear about, but Greg has made this available to anyone who is motivated to make money.

In my first week using this system I did purchase 100 leads, because I did not have the time to go back to my data base. I did get sales during the first week without having to talk to a prospect.  Conferencing with team members also using My Real Wealth System, they are reporting the same volume of success I am experiencing.   

The combination of my real wealth system headed by Greg Montoya, and Vollara guaranteed minimum income make this home based business a MLM company destined to be a market leader. 

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My Real Wealth System


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  1. Brooks Shapleigh says:

    There will not be many web sites with info like this man! Bookmarked!

  2. wayne says:

    when we plug into the business do we have to spend any more money to start apart from the money that we spend for the product

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