Review and comparison of Vollara Living Water, Kangen Enagic and other water ionizers

Vollara Living Water

These machines produce ionized alkaline water in similar ranges

There is a price difference which is what a lot of people can look at first. There are also several other brands of water ionizers on the market which are comparative in price to either machine .

But price isn’t everything.

The Kangen Enagic machine, like, many others on the market uses the plate system. Depending on which brand you buy, or which model there is a varying number of plates, In fact Vollara C7 model is still marketed and still uses these expensive plate system. The purposes of the machine is to produce alkaline ionized water by passing the water from your faucet over the charged plates. Some machines also require additional filters to add vital minerals to the finished water. The down side to using the plate systems is when the machine has to go and be serviced by the manufacturer. That requires additional expense and time away from your water machine. The Vollara C7 unit requires the same servicing but the Living water with DDI technology is self serviceable and very cost and time effective to do so. It is basically a cleaning with a circulating pump and citric acid which cost about $50-60 at a distributor price. A smart distributor will purchase one of these pumps and offer the service their customer’s machines and keep that customer very happy.

Why did Vollara go from using 7 plate technology to a direct disk ionization DDI technology. The original inventor of the water ionizer had reinvented his machine and had approached some companies to market the new version. It just so happened that it was a case of the right person at the right time and Vollara got the deal. The machine is patented and has cut the price almost in half on the old plate technology. Also the DDI machine is far superior in many ways to all the old technology plate units out there.

Whatever brand of water purification ionization device you use what comes out of it is only as good as what goes into it. If your source water is poor then the values of ORP (oxygen reduction potential) is not a good and the same will go for the pH. In fact Vollara does not recommend their machines for use with well water without a pre filter and recommend if your source water is poor then a pre filter will be a benefit. I have not heard this recommendation from any other manufacturer.

Does alkaline ionized water really kill all diseases. I think it is safe to say that being fully hydrated with good clean water containing the right antioxidants is beneficial and not harmful. There are many people who use the water ionizers who claim that they have been cured from a variety of diseases. My personal take is that I want to live a long and healthy life so I look at drinking this water as a plus.

Does this really save you money. A lot of people today drink bottled water. When you compare the price of bottled water to using water from a water ionizer there is considerable cost savings over the course of a year. The average cost of drinking Smart water for a year can be over $5000.00. Sports drinks yearly cost around $2700.00 You can see where the savings can be significatant when you have purchased and ionizer. It is worth doing some research, Look for companies who will give you a free samples so you can actually taste/try what you are buying.

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