A review of Greg Montoya’s New Laundry Pure Sales Funnel on the online MLM marketer and Home Based Business Owner.

A while back I reviewed the Air Purifier sales funnel created  by Greg Montoya and creating wealth from home.  The sales funnel has proved pretty successful for many of the online  marketers I have spoken to.  There are of  course a few who have expected the sales funnel to do all the work,  unfortunately I still have not found a way of sitting on my butt all day  waiting for the checks to come in the mail.  In the case of the Fresh Air, the sales funnel does about 66%of the  work.  You still have to put your leads  in and you do need to follow-up.  The  follow-up is key to closing the sale with any MLM in the home based business  arena.  Even though there are a few  instance where the sales funnel does everything automatically, the company and  the vision is on building the relationship.
You gotta pick up the phone.  Do  this and you experience a very high closing rate when you use the Air purifier  funnel Greg Montoya created.

If there any  difference between the Air Purifier sales funnel and the Laundry Pure sales funnel?

The Laundry Pure is a ground breaking product only available  through Vollara and their team of independent business owners.  The laundry pure funnel compared to the Fresh  Air Funnel is similar comparing HD DVD to VHS.  All the kinks were worked out.
The Laundry Pure Funnel is shorter, faster, less expensive, easier for  both sides.  There is more automation  with the Laundry Pure funnel and I like many of my co business owners have  found the rate of “hands free sales” has doubled.  This sales funnel has revolutionized how the  home based business owner can do business.

What is a “hands free sale” with Laundry Pure?

Laundry Pure has made the purchase of the system or a  Laundry Pure machine very easy for the prospect.  While it is now automated to 85% there is  still nothing like the personal touch of calling your prospect personally and making that connection.

What exactly goes on  inside Greg Montoya’s Laundry Pure Funnel?

The funnel features 8 pages. The pages contain videos of both Greg Montoya and another excellent  leader and mentor Jon Bender. There are a variety of testimonials from users. A
feature from Fox News where a baseball teams whites are washed in the laundry pure. Plus the information you would expect about the company, the history, the Greg Montoya story, a lot of information about why you should work for yourself  and not for the corporation.  There are benefits to being a home based business owner.  And finally how you can sign up to receive the benefits.

What is involved in  signing up?

You can sign up and start immediately earning your way to  financial freedom.  The initial cost is  $149.00. This earns you a $50.00 affiliate commission for any one you get to
sign up under you.  Upgrade to a Laundry  Pure Starter Package the bonus really kicks in.
Your affiliate commission is bumped up to $100.00.  You also get the laundry pure on delivered to  your home.  What are the risks.  In fact there are no risks that I could
find.  Your initial payment of $149.00 is  fully refundable if you decide this system is not for you.  The same money back guarantee is true for the Laundry pure.

Why would I want to use the Laundry Pure?

Apart from being a break through technology, the Laundry  pure is also space certified. Developed with the help of NASA the Laundry pure  uses the same RCI green technology sported by the Fresh Air Surround.  Even without becoming a distributor of Laundry Pure.  Owning one is beneficial  to you, and your family.  The Laundry  Pure is so important because it eliminates the need for soap and laundry  detergent.  In fact I am surprised that  “Tide” has not started an anti Laundry Pure campaign.  It also eliminates the need for hot  water.  Now all your washes can be done  without soap powder and without hot water, thanks to the Laundry Pure.

Why is this so  important?

Your skin is the largest organ of the human body.  Your skin weighs approximately 25 to 30  pounds.  Your skin is up close and  personal to the fabrics which are covered in strong cleaning chemicals and  detergents.  Your skin absorbs these  chemicals every day from your clothes and every night from your bed sheets.  By only using laundry pre washed fabric you  have relieved the environmental burden from your skin.

To preview the laundry pure sales funnel click on the link here

Watch our LaundryPure video LaundryPure Video


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7 Responses to A review of Greg Montoya’s New Laundry Pure Sales Funnel on the online MLM marketer and Home Based Business Owner.

  1. u sent me an email about laundry pure and i want ur main contact to follow thru not others please contact me i have 5 people that want to invest already in laundrypure

    • tina says:

      Hi Tina we must have missed you I am sorry. If we can still help you please let me know
      Mike G 1 760 443 5361

      send me more imfo on laundrypure

  2. Vincent Rodriguez says:

    I would like find out more info on this.

  3. Tonya Walls says:

    I am interested in selling Laundry Pure. I did sign up but did not have the start up cash cuz I am unemployed. I watch a video from Greg Montoya and was very interested. I was contacted by Linda but don’t remember her last name. Please email me the link again so I can pay the start up cash.

  4. William W. Tehan says:

    I want to deal with Greg Mantoya and do his laundry thing, I have tryed several times for him to leave me a phone number and he will not do it. I want the deal that he quoted me some time back. I have done a stint in the hospitle also I have been out of town for the holiday. Please provide Greg’s telephone number so I can get going. Thanks, Bill.

  5. I would like to have more informations about the Luandry Pure and the cost to buy this items, plus the cost to join this online business. So please could give me an answer
    on this matter thank you, Edgar email= ecjmd1940@hotmail.ca

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